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Here's What I Cover In The Book

Discover And Prove Your Best Listing Price

I show you how to research and find your home's value. Potential buyers will see the work you've done and logically agree that your price is fair.

Get In The MLS System Without The Cost

I'll show you the secret to listing your house in the MLS so that BUYERS agents will see your home and bring their buyers in droves - WITHOUT a listing agent commission!

Use The Same Power Tools Agents Use!

You'll learn how to use Showing Time, a system that agents use to easily set up showings, the right lockbox to use, and how to properly communicate.

How To Take Pictures That Sell Your Property FAST

I show you the camera and lens I used and how I edited the photos to create an AMAZING listing page on all the real esate websites and the MLS.

Be In EVERY Real Estate Search Engine

The book goes over exactly, step by step, how to make sure that no matter where your buyer is searching for homes, they will find yours fast.

Staging, Improvements, Warranties, and Pre-Inspections

I will show you how to stage your home, the improvements you should make, and the inspections you should have ahead of time to SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY!

Wow! I literally watched Dave sell his house in 4 days and there was never even a sign in the yard!
Becky L.
Becky L.
This book literally gives you every single piece of info you need to sell without paying a listing agent commission.
Andrew M.
Andrew M.
Lancaster Home Owner
If you've got a $100,000 house, you'll save almost $3,000 - A $750,000 house? OVER $22,000! Genius.
Ashley K.
Ashley K.

Quick Overview of What You'll Get

How I Took Amazing Pics

PIctures sell houses - and I'll show you the camera and lens I used. I'll also go over how I edited them to make them pop!

If you’re not careful with things like lighting, angles, staging, and the right lens, some people will pass right over your property. The reality is that today most people find the property they are going to buy online and pictures create the impression.

  • The camera and lens I used
  • How I took edited the photos
  • The one secret photo that I think sold the house!

The Secret To Have Your Property Listed In EVERY Real Estate Site

Commissions are dumb to pay if you don't have to! Your property will be listed on every real estate site and you'll save tons!

I was in the real estate business and remember when I would get calls from my buyers who saw a property online. I’d call and set it up and we’d take a look. Did you know that less than 5% of properties sold because the buyer saw a sign? It’s incredibly rare. But, until recently, it was unheard of for a homeowner to have access like this!

Many people have showings the day after the listing goes live.

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A word from the author

Home sellers are spending WAY TO MUCH MONEY on real esatate commission! My wife, Jodi, and I decided to sell our home a short while ago – and we simply didn’t want to waste money on a listing agent commission.

Here’s why. My wife and I were actually both in the real estate business about 20 years ago, and do you know what our favorite type of customer was? It was a person who wanted to sell. Here’s why:

Almost every person buying a home is working with a buyers agent becuase it’s free to do so, and it allows them to get access to see homes. This buyers agent is actually paid 3% by the seller – and they do most of the work even after the sale takes place. The agent who (traditioally) represents the seller often sticks a sign in the yard, fills out the paperwork, and enters everyitng in to the system. That’s just about it!

Well, i figured out how to get your home in the MLS and in front of those buyers agents. You’ll save 3%! If you’re selling a home for $250,000 – that’s $7,500!

Let’s save some money!


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